photo of hot pepper seedlings

2022 Hot Pepper Grow List

Here are the hot pepper seeds I’m growing in 2022. Again, I didn’t cut back, as I planted 119 122 different varieties.

7 Pot Slimer (C. chinense)
7pot Barrackpore (C. chinense)
7pot Brainstrain Yellow (C. chinense)
7pot Chaguanas Red (C. chinense)
7pot Jonah Strain (C. chinense)
7pot Lucy (C. chinense)
7pot Orange-Yellow (C. chinense)
7pot Primo Orange (C. chinense)
7pot Rennie (C. chinense)
7pot SR Strain (C. chinense)
Aji Charapita (C. chinense)
Aji Charapita Iquitos (C. chinense)
Aji Charapita Red (C. chinense)
Aji Confusion (C. baccatum)
Aji Ethiopian Fire (C. baccatum)
Aji Imbabura (C. baccatum)
Aji Pineapple (C. chinense)
Aji Russian Yellow (C. baccatum)
Anaconda Pandora (C. baccatum)
Apocalypse Scorpion (C. chinense)
Arrowhead (C. chinese)
Aurora (C. annuum)
Avenir (C. chinense)
Bhut jolokia Strain II (C. chinense)
Bico (C. chinense)
Bird Aji (C. chinense)
Bleeding Heart Chocolate (C. chinense)
Bleeding Rawit White Large Pods (C. annuum) x (C. chinense)
Blue Xmas (C. annuum)
Bolivian Rainbow (C. annuum)
Borg9 Bleeder (C. chinense)
Brazilian Starfish Orange (C. baccatum)
Bugle A.A. (C. chinense)
Bulgarian Carrot (C. annuum)
C22 Stinger Phenotype (C. chinense)
Candy Cane Chocolate Cherry (C. annuum)
CAP 1478 (C. praetermissum)
CAP 212 (C. chacoense)
CAP 524 (C. chacoense)
Capsicum rhomboideum (C. rhomboideum)
Carolina Reaper (C. chinense)
CGN 22795 (C. praetermissum)
CGN 22835 (C. chinense)
Chacoense (long pod) (C. chacoense)
Charapón Amarillo (C. chinense)
Chocolate Bugle A.A. (C. chinense)
Congo de Nicaragua (C. chinense)
Dracula (C. annuum)
Dragons Breath Moruga (C. chinense)
Dragons Breath Stinger (C. chinense)
Dreamcatcher (C. annuum)
Dwarf Chiltepin (C. annuum)
Ecuadorian Pepper for Hell 2019 (C. pubescens)
Ecuadorian Pepper for Hell 2021 (C. pubescens)
Explosive Ember (C. annuum)
Farmer’s Market Jalapeño (C. annuum)
Farmers Jalapeño (C. annuum)
Fatalii (C. chinense)

FP Faddas White F4 (C. chinense)
FP Faddas White F5 (C. chinense)
Golden Primotalii (C. chinense)
Golden Reaper (C. chinense)
Green Medusa C22 (C. chinense)
Green Scorpion Long (C. chinense)
Haba Reapers (C. chinense)
Habanero Big Sun (C. chinense)
Habanero Cristina (C. chinense)
Habanero Vietnam (C. chinense)
Hawaiian X Ghost (C. frutescens) x (C. chinense)
Hot Paper Lantern (C. chinense)
Jellybean (C. chinense)
KS Chocolate StarrScream (C. chinense)
KS Lemon Starburst (C. chinense)
KS Lemon Starburst (C. chinense)
KS Peach Starrkist Tails (C. chinense)
KS Pumpkin Orange (C. chinense)
KS Starr Gazer Red (C. chinense) x ?
KS Starracha Bonnet (C. chinense)
KS Starracha Pumpkin Red (C. chinense)
KS TCB Crimson (C. chinense)
Lemon Drop (C. baccatum)
Lesya (C. annuum)
Limón (C. chinense)
Lion Shark (C. chinense)
Madre de Rios (C. frutescens)
Mattapeño (C. annuum)
Mini Yellow Rocoto (C. pubescens)
Mojo Blackie (C. chinense)
Mustard Juice D.D. (C. chinense)
Mutant Candlelight (C. annuum)
Ninfadora (C. chinense)
Olhe de Peixe (Fish Eye) (C. chinense)
Ouro (C. chinense)
P.I. 281317 (C. chinense)
Pig in Pink D.D. (C. chinense)
Puma (C. chinense)
Purple Cacho White Leaf (C. annuum)
Purple Death (C. chinense)
Purple Ghost Scorpion Orange (C. chinense)
Purple Pumpkin (C. chinense)
Purrira (C. frutescens)
Que Guay (C. chinense)
Reaper Equis (C. chinense)
Reaper Sbagliato (C. chinense)
Reaper Sbaglito (C. chinense)
Reaper X Leopard (C. chinense)
Reaper X Moruga (C. chinense)
Red Savina (C. chinense)
Rob’s Folly (C. chinense)
Rocoto Marlene SLP (C. pubescens)
Rx X 7 Pot Peach X Reaper (C. chinense)
SBS Demon Choc (C. chinense)
Tangerine Tiger F3 (C. baccatum)
Thai Hot (C. annuum)
Thor’s Thunderbolt (C. chinense)
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T (C. chinense)
Trinidad Scorpion Long SR (C. chinense)
Vampire (C. annuum)
Venezuelan Purple Variegated (C. annuum)
Whynot (C. chinense)
Zing (C. chinense)

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  1. Pepper Jez
    Pepper Jez says:

    I bought some seeds for “7 Pot Immorula Brandi” but can’t find any info about it. Have you heard of that one?
    Hope you have a fantastic growing season again this year!

    • Rob Coleman
      Rob Coleman says:

      Thant’s an interesting name, but I don’t know anything about that variety. Sounds cool though. Hope you have a terrific growing season as well!


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