Photo of hand holding 7 Pot Club Membership Card

7 Pot Club Membership Card

Photo of a strip of 7 Pot Club Stickers

This card makes it official.

When we started 7 Pot Club back in 2018, the name was just for fun. We never thought of actually creating a club with a membership card, bylaws, meetings and a secret handshake. Well, there still are no bylaws, meetings or a secret handshake, but we do have a fancy plastic membership card. Sign your name in the space provided on the front of the card to confirm that you’re a true Capsicum Companion.

Printed on the back is the Capsicum Companion’s Creed:

“As an ambassador for 7 Pot Club, my solemn duty is to propagate, prepare, preserve, share, and consume the ripe fruit from plants of genus Capsicum.”

In addition to your card, you’ll also receive a strip of seven 7 Pot Club Stickers. Stick them on your car’s bumper, your laptop, or your friend’s forehead.

How to get your free card and stickers (USA).

Just send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) . Take a standard #10 envelope, address it to yourself, and attach 55¢ in U.S. postage, or a first-class U.S. Forever stamp. Put that envelope inside another envelope, and mail it to:

7 Pot Club
P.O. Box  19005
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

If you don’t live in the U.S.,  you can still get a card and stickers if you can send us an SASE with $1.20 in U.S postage or a first-class U.S. Global Forever stamp. Don’t use non-U.S. stamps. They are not accepted as postage by the USPS.

Currently, SASE is the only way we’re distributing these cards. But there may be other ways to get one in the future. Stay tuned!