Rob is holding a hot sauce bottle. (still from YouTube video)

Scoville Scale Hot Sauce Now Available

Introducing Scoville Scalé, the collaboration hot sauce from Hot Heads Official and 7 Pot Club

Each summer, we post a lot of photos of our hot pepper harvests. People are constantly asking us, what do you do with all those peppers? Well, this season, we sent a whole lot of our 7 Pot and Trinidad Scorpions to Carlisle, PA. Almost every week from August through early October, we packed up and mailed off a box of ripe pods.  Read more

Photo of table covered with packets of seeds, trays, and potting mix

Hot Pepper Grow List 2020

My hot pepper seeds have been planted for the upcoming outdoor growing season. Every year I saw I’m going to cut back, and instead I plant even more! Here are the varieties I’m growing in 2020:

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Photo of Rob sorting hot pepper seeds on the dining room table

Hot Pepper Grow List 2019

It’s that time of year again. I’ll be planting my hot peppers seeds this weekend, and here are the varieties I’ve selected to grow in 2019.

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