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Hot Pepper Grow List 2020

My hot pepper seeds have been planted for the upcoming outdoor growing season. Every year I saw I’m going to cut back, and instead I plant even more! Here are the varieties I’m growing in 2020:

7 Pot Katie
7 Pot Madballz
7 Pot Peach (ISO)
7 Pot Wes 2019 (ISO)
7pot Barrackpore
7pot Brainstrain Red
7pot Brainstrain Yellow
7pot Bubblegum
7pot Chaguanas Red
7pot Chaguanas Yellow
7pot Jonah Strain
7pot Lucy
7pot Orange-Yellow
7pot Primo Orange
7pot White
Aji Amarillo
Aji Ayuyo
Aji Cachucha
Aji Charapita
Aji Charapita Iquitos
Aji Charapita Red (7)
Aji Chombo
Aji Chombo
Aji Criollo
Aji Ethiopian Fire
Aji Pineapple
Aji Russian Yellow
Antallais 14.5
Antallais Caribbean
Apocalypse Chocolate
Banestrain Peach
Bhut jolokia Strain II
Bhutlah XP f4 2019
Big Sun x Jigsaw 2019
Bird Aji
Bleeding Jigsaw
Blue Xmas 2018 (ISO)
Bolivian Rainbow
Brain Strain Purple to Chocolate
BTR Scorpion
BTR Scorpion
Bulgarian Carrot
C22 Moruga Phenotype
C22 Peach
C22 Stinger Phenotype
CAP 1141
CAP 1445
CAP 502
CAP 521
Carolina Reaper
CGN 22795
Charapón Amarillo
Cherry Bomb Italian
Chiltepin Yellow 2018 (ISO)
Chocolate Champion
Chocolate Reaper
Chocolate Scorpion
Dátil Pepper
Death Spiral JD
Dragon’s Breath
Drama Queen F2
Dwarf Chiltepin
Ec Pepper for Hell
EOSB Red 2019 (ISO)
Fish Pepper
Gator Jigsaw
Ghostly Jalapeno 2019 (ISO)
Greek Pepperoni
Habanero Big Sun
Habanero Christina
Habanero Gambia Orange
Habanero Hot Lemon
Habanero Martinique
Habanero Vietnam
Hawaiian X Ghost
Hot Paper Lantern
I Scream Scorpion
Jigsaw Peach
King Naga
KS Lemon StarrBurst
KS Peach StarrKist 2019 (ISO)
KS StarrRacha Hornet 2019 (ISO)
KS StarrRacha Pumpkin
Little Elf
M.A. Yellow Wartry X
MA Pink 7 Pot
MA Teja Habanero
Madame Jeanette
Mata Frade
Minirocoto Red
Naga Morich
Naga Viper
NuMex Pumpkin Spice
NuMex Vaquero
Orange Bhut Jolokia
Orange Longtail Scorpion
Palmyra 2019 (OP)
Pérola Laranja
Pimento de Padrón
Primo X Butch T
Pumpkin BBG
Rain Forest 2019 (ISO)
Reaper X Moruga 2019 (ISO)
Red Savina
Rocoto Aji Largo
Scarlett Rose
Siling Labuyo
Space X JPGs X Peach Bhut
Sunrise Scorpion
Sweet Shito (ISO)
Sweet Xmas (ISO)
Texas Crimson Bonnet
Thai Hot
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Yellow
Trinidad Scorpion Long SR
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Caramel
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Red
Trinidad Scorpion Yellow Cardi
VV7 Scorpion
Wenk’s Yellow Hots
White Hot Lime (ISO)
Zolotistyi (RFC)

11 replies
  1. Ryan S.
    Ryan S. says:

    Hi Rob,
    It’s my first season ever growing hot peppers. Would you recommend started anew once the season ends, or is it worth overwintering any plants? Thank you for any insight you can provide. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the hot pepper path.

    • Rob Coleman
      Rob Coleman says:

      Hi Ryan! I overwinter a couple of plants, but I mostly start anew every year. If you do overwinter plants, you should wash all the dirt off the roots and repot and prune them back. If you don’t repot them, you’re likely to brings pests in the house. It’s happened to me every time. I’m editing part 2 of the Pepper Path and it should be out later this week!

  2. George L Reinhart
    George L Reinhart says:

    Hey Rob. Love your videos and your songs. How did you acquire your KS StarrRacha Hornet seeds? That looks like a great tasty peppper.

    • Rob Coleman
      Rob Coleman says:

      Thanks George! I was lucky enough to get them directly from Khang Starr. If you join his Pepper Lovers group on Facebook, you might find someone who will trade some seeds with you, KS varieties are not for sale.


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