Photo of VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA XS Series LED Grow Light First Look

The XS1000 is the newest addition and lowest wattage member of VIPARSPECTRA’s 2021 XS Series of high-efficiency grow lights. We have a review unit, and here are our first impressions.

The XS1000 joins the XS1500, XS2000 and XS4000 in the VIPARSPECTRA lineup. It’s perfect for a compact setup where you need to light an area no larger than 2.5 x 2.5 feet. It uses the latest Samsung LM301B diodes for high efficiency and high light output per watt. It’s full-spectrum, combining 3000K warm white, 5000K white, 660nm deep red, and 730nm IR light. The dimmer knob offers complete control from 0% to 100% brightness.

All of the items that ship with the VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 Grow Light

Here’s what comes in the box.

It’s really solidly constructed, with large aluminum heat sinks. It’s still warm to the touch while operating, but not nearly as hot as some other lights we’ve tested that don’t have finned heat sinks. We’ll report back after we’ve had more time to test it on our hot pepper plants.

Here’s a table showing how its performance compares to two other lights we’ve recently tested. Scroll down for links and discount codes to purchase any of these lights.

Power Consumption126W117W94W
Brightness @ 15”2871 FC2678 FC 2029 FC
Brightness @ 1×1’ (avg.)1881 FC1965 FC 1239 FC
Brightness @ 2×2’ (avg.)600 FC680 FC 428 FC

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