Photo of VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA XS Series LED Grow Light First Look

The XS1000 is the newest addition and lowest wattage member of VIPARSPECTRA’s 2021 XS Series of high-efficiency grow lights. We have a review unit, and here are our first impressions. Read more

Photo of ATREUM Lighting HYDRA-1000 Grow Light

ATREUM Lighting HYDRA-1000 Grow Light Review

ATREUM Lighting sent me a pair of their new HYDRA-1000 Grow Light. In a recent YouTube episode, I unboxed and tested this bright and capable light, which has some unique features. There’s a discount code at the end of this article.

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Photo of a VIPARSPECTRA grow light lighting a young hot pepper plant

VIPARSPECTRA Pro Series LED Grow Light Review

I recently reviewed the VIPARSPECTRA P600 LED Grow Light. I unboxed it, explained its features, and tested its power consumption and light output.

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Photo of the full line of SANSI LED grow lights

Which SANSI Grow Light is Right for You?

7 Pot Club recently published a YouTube video in which I reviewed the full line of SANSI LED grow lights. The best light for growing plants is of course the sun. So when you’re growing plants indoors, you want the next best thing — an artificial light source that mimics sunlight well enough to grow healthy, happy plants. With their energy efficiency, and their ability to produce light of almost any color, LEDs have quickly become the technology of choice for grow lights. Read more