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Scoville Scale Hot Sauce Now Available

Introducing Scoville Scalé, the collaboration hot sauce from Hot Heads Official and 7 Pot Club

Each summer, we post a lot of photos of our hot pepper harvests. People are constantly asking us, what do you do with all those peppers? Well, this season, we sent a whole lot of our 7 Pot and Trinidad Scorpions to Carlisle, PA. Almost every week from August through early October, we packed up and mailed off a box of ripe pods. 

Why Carlisle you ask? It’s because of this guy:

Tim: “My name’s Tim Myers. I started Hot Heads Hot Sauce about 2 1/2 years ago. Basically, I was a brewer. I was a home brewer first, and then I became a brewer for a restaurant in Harrisburg, PA. I saw the similarities between craft brewing and hot sauce. I wanted to kind of do my own thing, and create hot sauce that I loved and that I enjoyed, and that maybe I could get other people who were afraid of hot sauce or maybe had been burned by hot sauce in the past and get them to enjoy hot sauce as well.”

I first became aware of Tim and Hot Heads Hot Sauce in the summer of 2019, when he posted a photo on Facebook wearing a 7 Pot Club t-shirt. That certainly was a good way to get my attention. He sent me some bottles to try, and I reviewed them in an episode in August of last year. I was impressed by the bold and balanced flavors. 

Another question I get often is, “Do you sell your hot sauce?” I’ve always liked the idea, but these days, my business is making videos and songs. We do sell merch, but not directly, because it’s manufactured and fulfilled by a company called Threadless.

But I noticed there wasn’t a 5 flame sauce in the Hot Heads lineup. So I contacted Tim about a year ago and asked him if he’d been interested in producing a 7 Pot Club/Hot Heads collaboration hot sauce, with a hopped up heat level powered by some of my favorite superhots.

Tim: “I was very excited when Rob contacted me, because 7 Pot Club and Hot Heads Official Hot Sauce is a great fit. We love what Rob does, and I think Rob loves what we do.” 

So we agreed to work together. The first order of business was to decide what peppers should be used in the sauce. We landed on 7 Pot Katie, 7 Pot Lucy, 7 Pot Primo Orange, and Trinidad Scorpion Long SR. To make this a true collaboration, we would both grow these 4 varieties, and then combine our peppers to make the sauce. While the seedlings were growing, we kept talking about what kind of taste profile could appeal to both of us. After a little back and forth, we agreed on a recipe.

Tim: “I think it was a total of 23 test batches, actually. Absolutely the most test batches I’ve ever done for a sauce. I was doing something a little more different than Rob wanted. So once I course-corrected that, we got there pretty quickly. And then it was a matter of just, is it hot enough for 7 Pot Club?”

You know what, this really makes me sound like a diva. When I asked my wife if I was a diva, she said, “No comment.”

Tim, I’m sorry if I was a pain. But this is the first edible product for sale bearing our logo, and the flavor profile and heat level really needed to reflect  the personality of 7 Pot Club. 

So I was constantly asking, 

🎵 Can you make it any hotter, just a little bit hotter 🎵
🎵 Can you make it any hotter, just a little bit hotter 🎵

Tim didn’t send me bottles of all 23 test versions, but he did send me quite a few. I still have #23, the recipe we agreed on. Each test bottle he sent me came with a sheet detailing the ingredients, plus suggestions for names and taglines. The note that accompanied #23 has an additional handwritten message, It reads, “I think this is the heat level and also the amount of lime you’re looking for. I hope! (with a smiley face).”

And by the time we got to batch #23, it was hot enough for 7 Pot Club. I wasn’t looking for a Last Dab experience, but my goal was a sauce with amazing flavor, and hot enough to get my attention. Tim really hit the mark. This sauce is based on my 3 favorite hot sauce ingredients: carrots, lime juice, and of course superhot peppers! It has a lot of the elements of the Belizean-style recipe we use for our homemade Eleven sauce, but it’s not a copy. Tim’s remixed recipe adds some new flavors and is really well-balanced.

Tim: “Scoville Scalé has at least 3 times the amount of pepper pods as any other sauce that I make. All the pods were grown by Rob and myself. It is definitely way hotter than any sauce that I’ve made in the past. The sauce is amazing. Scoville Scale.”

As soon as our pepper gardens produced enough pods, Tim ramped up production, and he’s ready to ship. You can buy it now at The first 100 bottles sport a label signed by both me and Tim.

I hope you will support a small business and try this sauce. Tim compensated me with a small stash of bottles to share with family and friends, but Hot Heads will get 100% of the proceeds for all sales. I’m just super thrilled that our fans can purchase a really excellent sauce made with pods grown in our front yard. It’s been a dream of mine for many years.

Wow, it’s really quite hot. But it’s also very tasty. It’s not easy to create a sauce at this heat level and still retain a lot of flavor. I love fermented sauces, and sauces made with smoked peppers, but my favorite sauces showcase the taste and aroma of fresh pods, combined with other complementary flavors. In Scoville Scalé, that means lime, and a dab of topato, and a dab of tomato paste that adds an undertone of umami. 

I can’t really taste the carrots too much, but I think they’re a flavor carrier, they don’t really produce that much flavor themselves.

But I can definitely detect the garlic and the tang of apple cider vinegar. You know, I’ve already finished an entire bottle, and I can tell you that this sauce pairs well with a number of foods. I’ve used it on eggs, sandwiches, stir fries, french fries, pasta, pizza and more. It’s enhanced all of them. 

Because it’s quite hot, and I’m not fooling you — it’s quite hot, and because it has very concentrated flavors, you don’t have a use a lot. To me, Scoville Scalé enhances other flavors. It’s a supporting player, not the star. I just love it, and if you like it spicy, I think you will too. Go to and order today. Tim and I thank you.

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  1. Anthony R Heimkes
    Anthony R Heimkes says:

    I think you’re being a bit modest. This is the best sauce I’ve ever had. I find myself using sparingly, but not because it’s overpowering or too hot…simply because I don’t want to run out. It’s just that good.


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